Hey there! Welcome to ZYGON COMMUNITY. A place to share knowledge and help each other. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice or share your insights with your peers. Here is a brief summary of the rules we all need to honor. We are all here to help each other learn and grow as human beings, and become our highest potential… so lets make this community something we are all proud of.
Basic Rules

1. Respect others’ opinions – We all have opinions and want to express them. Attack ideas, not people. Come up with a well-thought out counterpoint, or just move on. Abusive comments will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to remove the comment without warning and/or ban you. 2. Don’t promote or sell your goods here – That’s what advertising is for, and we’ve got spots for that. You be cheatin , we be deletin’. No SPAMing of any kind will be tolerated. 3. No trolling – You know the type – the ones that like to disrupt normal on-topic discussion with off-topic comments in a sole effort to bait, irritate and cause disruption and mayhem. Don’t feed the trolls, take the bait and ruin the conversation for everyone else. Report them and move on. 4. Be kind to new users – As you were once a new user, be kind and helpful to the new folks. 5. Keep it PG--13 No profanity, racial slurs and/or sexual innuendos – If you wouldn’t say it in front of your grandmother or kids, then don’t say it. 7. Don’t abuse the “report abuse” function – Be fair and use it sparingly. If you make extra work for us flagging legit stuff, we’ll remove your permissions and/or ban you. 8. It's all really simple when you think about it. Practice the "golden rule" and we can make this a wonderful place to visit and share ideas and content.

What We Love To See

• Posts about your successes and achievements so we can celebrate with you • Posts about your struggles so we can support and inspire you • Interesting findings that you'd like to share with the community • Your questions to the community, the more specific the better • Your suggestions and ideas for ZYGON COMMUNITY • Your support for each other

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“ Zygon's mission is to unleash the most powerful force in the universe - your mind“


Dane Spotts

Founder ZYGON