There is a way to zap stress, boost your brainpower and reprogram negative self-sabotaging beliefs. This is how…


Everything in the universe is made of energy. Every atom that makes up matter. Every cell in your body. There is also a hidden energy in your brain that you may not be aware of, that can be manipulated to make you richer, smarter, more attractive and even access higher knowledge.

Perhaps one the greatest untold discoveries of this century is the knowledge of how to redirect the power of our brains energy — to expand our brain power and improve our psychological well-being. A way to harmonize the brain’s left and right hemispheres to maximize cognitive functioning and mental performance. And most important having a method for accessing the subconscious or inner mind — as I call it — to transform negative beliefs and how you see yourself, which has everything to do with how the world see’s you. Ultimately this discovery can lead to higher states of consciousness and unleash our full potential as human being’s

How can you do ALL this? Redirect your brain’s energy and shift your mind state on demand, into optimal patterns where you become more receptive to new learning — creative insights and psychological re-programming.

(Hint — a Brain Supercharger video demo is at the end of this article for you to experience)

Science understands only a small part of what takes place in the conscious mind… and has no idea what goes on in the vast unknown of the subconscious. This inner mind is continuously processing ideas and imagery and sensory data and much of our personality and the way we interact with others comes out of how this inner mind is programmed.

What if there was a way to access that inner mind — by hacking into it — and then reprograming it. To redirect the energy of the brain and create optimum states of consciousness that would improve intelligence, eliminate stress, allow for greater creativity and more importantly — re-wire your negative internal programming. How?

By manipulating your brainwaves.

If you were to hook yourself up to an EEG machine right now… it would detect patterns of energy coming off of your brain… It might look something like the Beta lines on this chart. You are reading this and focused.

This is a brain that is paying attention and concentrating… notice the tight and fast beta brain waves oscillating at 30 cycles per second.

Now let’s say you are deeply relaxed in a state of deep meditation or contemplation. This is more like the Theta waves. a relaxed rolling wave pattern

Very different — slower and more harmonious at about 8 cycles per second.

What do the brainwaves of people performing super-human feats, like walking on burning coals look like?

They produce both states at the same time but maintain very strong alpha-theta brainwave patterns. The EEG shows them as relaxed — even though their body is under great stress.

This is how extraordinary human feats are accomplished… by peak performers in sports, the arts, and business.

Unknowingly, they have trained their mind to re-direct their brains electrical energy and are able to produce altered states of consciousness which leads to enhanced capability as the mind and body work perfectly together at peak efficiency.

Your Genius Potential and How To Tap it

You can do all of this too. At the push of a button. Put yourself into a relaxed but supercharged mind state where you are highly energized and able to operate your daily life at peak efficiency.

It turns out certain sounds using the right frequency combinations and harmonic effects will drive the brain into an altered states patten’s like those achieved by experienced meditators and peak performers..

The idea that sound can instantly shift mood and stimulate certain psychological and physiological responses in the brain is not new, in fact it’s a very old idea. Ancient cultures with their shamanic rituals up to the modern masters of music have used sound to heal — affect mood and induce trance states. The brain seems to follow the “beat” of drums and speeds up or slows down to keep pace with the music What are certain musical forms so powerful at affecting the brain and altering brain chemistry?

My goal over 30 years ago was to take this idea as far as possible…

What I discovered was a method for unfolding specific mind states and being able to dial them in on demand, which then allows a person to access higher forms of consciousness previously not attainable. The result was the ZYGON technology used by millions all through out the world to supercharge their brains and achieve peak experience states of consciousness.

Going beyond binaural beats — we invented something new

This is something more than meditation music, more than binaural beats… something truly powerful that evokes whole brain synchrony and drive’s attention inward resulting in a Supercharged brain.

There are 3 discoveries incorporated into the Brain Supercharger technology…

1. The ability to facilitate whole brain synchrony entirely through sound. By applying certain frequencies and harmonics — mood can be shifted and right brain awareness activated.

2. The correct use of affirmations to direct positive programming into the subconscious. At or near the threshold of conscious perception and while in in an altered mind state, these mindscripting affirmations succeed over positive self-talk — because they bypass the critical conscious mind and do not create a mental conflict.

3. Holographic sound design engineered so you “feel” the sound and this further distracts the conscious mind increasing the effectiveness of the mindscripting process.

The only way to really understand the power of this technology is to experience it .. so for the next 5 minutes on this video — you can do just that. Normally a session would be 28 minutes to fully alter mind state and unfold that supercharged feeling, but to give you a taste of it — I have truncated a session and will play that for you now.

You will need stereo headphones for this experience — ear covered is best. If you don’t have them then just know the experience will not work for you, as much of the sound delivery is subsonic and spatially delivered.

When you are ready to experience this first hand… I put together a short demo on this video. All you have to do after watching the intro is to get into a comfortable position without distractions and then when you are ready push play.


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